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What We Do

Power of Parenting promotes "Life as It Should be" for Looked After Children.

Power of Parenting believes in equal opportunity for all children and recognises the invaluable work foster families do to enable Looked After Children (Foster Children) to have normal lives filled with warmth and kindness, created in safe, loving homes. This is the "Power of Parenting" when practised for the benefit of the children with their best interests at heart.

The change in Foster Children's confidence and self-esteem levels when they are shown consistent kindness and support is a joy to behold.

Power of Parenting was established to try to break the cycle of neglect and potentially in some cases, crime, which so many young people in care would find themselves heading towards were it not for the support of local authorities and foster families.

The Charity's main objective is to provide financial and moral support to Foster Children/Looked After Children/ Children who have been adopted. We want to help them fulfil their academic/or sporting potential in further education, giving them greater opportunity to achieve their own personal goals in later life. In certain instances we can support children with bursaries for University if that is what they aspire to do. POP charity also does a multitude of other activities to support children from care developing valuable life skills to enable them to thrive and succeed.

In addition, there is a desperate need for more foster families to support Looked After Children/Foster Children who need new homes, both temporarily and in some cases more permanently. Power of Parenting aims to spread the word about the joys of fostering and promote the recruitment of new foster families.


Opportunities, Opportunities, Opportunities!

Further Education is for Foster Children too. Although currently only 4% attend University, compared to the national average of 40%. Power of Parenting seek to address that balance by providing bursaries for Foster Children.

Foster Children: Apply to Power of Parenting for Financial support at Uni, FE colleges, apprenticeships. Why not you?







Extra Tuition in Maths and English for Foster Children

So many of us need a little extra help to achieve what we want. We provide membership of After School tuition clubs for Foster Children who need a helping hand. Particularly now, where many children have missed out on school, thanks to the lockdown, this is proving popular.




Virtual Schools

Power of Parenting provides extra financial support for Virtual Schools. Virtual Schools act as a local authority champion to promote the progress and educational attainment of children and young people who are or who have been in care so that they achieve educational outcomes comparable to their peers. Ensuring that they receive a high quality education is the foundation for improving their lives.







Cookery Classes for Foster Children

A four week course learning how to prepare a fine dining menu for their Foster Parents and the Mayor. Opening Foster Children's eyes to opportunities and their own potential.




Golf Academy for Foster Children

Participation at a local Golf Academy - Sporting opportunities that Foster Children would not otherwise be able to access.







Work Insights for Foster Children

Foster Children (or their parents) tell us what they're interested in, we'll try to arrange a work insight day/ programme. One young foster child is determined to become a pilot, American Airlines have very kindly allowed this young man to spend time with them to see what life as a pilot would be like.





Support with Technology for Foster Children

Recently we provided a laptop for a young man who had a particular bent for creative writing and needed a computer to maximise his potential.







Helping Foster Children transition into the Adult World.

Support for a young entrepreneur to get the website for his young business off the ground. Power of Parenting is incredibly flexible and will consider most things to support Foster Children or Care Leaving Young Adults - Talk to us!






Mental Health Support

We provide extra funds to a local counselling service so that Foster Children can get the support they need in a more timely manner.









Food in Care Courses

For the benefit of Foster Families and Social Workers, to promote and understanding of the emotional connection between Food and Children in Care.



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