MCKS Charitable Foundation UK donate £20,000 to local children's fostering charity, Power of Parenting

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The MCKS Charitable Foundation UK has donated a very generous £20,000 to Bracknell, children's charity, Power of Parenting (POP). Power of Parenting promotes 'Life As It Should Be' for foster children and their families.

Only around 15% of foster children go onto further education, nationally that number is nearly 50%. Everything POP does aims to address that disparity.

The MCKS Charitable Foundation UK donation will help fund more expert, additional Maths and English tuition for foster children who have often been particularly hard hit by the lack of normal, in-school teaching during the pandemic.

Part of the donation will be used to help fund a feasibility study into POP's ground-breaking Fostering Hub of Excellence project. The Hub of Excellence looks to provide an engagement centre for foster children which enables them to stay in contact with their biological family, a place of safety for any child whether in foster care or not 24/7, skills training, mentoring, quite literally everything related to foster care. The charity is hugely excited to be able to push ahead with its vision of much improved life chances for foster children.

Ruth Morrissy, Chair of the MCKS Charitable Foundation UK, said; 'The aim of the MCKS Charitable Foundation is to alleviate suffering by empowering and helping people take control of their lives.

We like to give to charities which help the less fortunate. We also like to partner with our chosen charities and are looking forward to working with Power of Parenting to benefit the local fostering community.'

Paul Adams, Founder and CEO of Power of Parenting said: 'We are thrilled with this very generous donation from the MCKS Charitable Foundation UK and cannot thank them enough. Being able to continue to make a really positive difference to the aspirations of foster children who are struggling with their school work currently is a privilege to be able to do.

I am even more excited by MCKS Charitable Foundation UK's support of our vision for a Fostering Hub of Excellence in Bracknell, which I believe will be an innovative, ground-breaking project, not been seen before in the local fostering community.'

Please get in touch if you too would like to support Power of Parenting's work by emailing us on or call us on 07713 884212.

To find out more about the MCKS Charitable Foundation UK and the work they do, please check the foundation out on by visiting their website today

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