Who We Are

Power of Parenting was established by Paul and Samantha Adams in 2016. Paul retired early and Samantha was able to find a little more time in her role as a career mother to our four children. So we decided, that we would like to try and make a difference for some of the local Looked After Children. Some of the children who by no fault of their own found themselves a little less fortunate than some other children who were not in care.

So with this in mind and with the support of all our own children, who were to play an active part in fostering, trained to become Foster Carers for Bracknell Forest Council.

In 2012 we were approved by the panel to foster children of all ages on a short term basis. Short term could be up to two years at a time as opposed to long term which could be anything over two years until the child is 18.

Since starting fostering we genuinely feel that we have made a difference in three young lives. It is this that we find so fulfilling and rewarding and would like to tell others about hoping that they themselves may get involved and give their support. The result of greater support and more foster carers would make such a difference in so many young lives.

People Involved

Paul Adams

Founder/Trustee- Child Protection and Safeguarding specialist – Professional Advocate for Looked After Children

Samantha Adams

Trustee/Administrator- Primary Foster Carer, Professional Advocate for Looked After Children – Career Mother

Daniel Adams

Trustee/Promotions and Events Co – coordinator – Foreign Exchange Trader

Georgina Adams

Trustee/Treasurer/Accounts- Administrator

Paul Griffiths

Trustee/ Networking Coodinator - Professional Photographer and Author

Current supporters of Power of Parenting